Family Register

1 To obtain family register (Koseki Tohon, Joseki Tohon).
  For this service, you can trace back your family member's names and some information to early 1800s or mid 1800s in Japan.
This service also helps you locate your relatives who live in Japan and your original home.
2 To transcribe handwritten Japanese into character letter.
  It is hard for you, even Japanese to read handwritten Japanese written in Koseki Tohon and old documents. We are able to transcribe these handwritten Japanese into Microsoft Word Document File, then you are able to translate these Japanese into English efficiently.
If you wish, we will translate Japanese into English and then we will send both Japanese and English to you.
3 To translate family register into English.
  For this service, we help you make analysis of family registers.
Old style family registers are written by handwriting and old style Japanese Kanji character, so it seems like an ancient writing and it is difficult to read each word even though Japanese person.
Removed Family Register (Joseki)
Original Reformatted Family Register(Kaiseiharakoseki)
Transcript and Translation works
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